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Price – $20-30. 

We always fail to understand which vape is good for starters. It is very much of a debate which types and brands of vapes are suitable for people. What brand? How much capacity? What kind of coils? What body type?

Well SMOK has always brought the pre-eminent technology in vapes and has been leading the vape market. So, to make this even better, Smok Deals is bringing to you the SMOK Nord AIO 19 Kit – a classic pen design with a round cylindrical body. There is no doubt that this one has a sleek design as the vape has a button on the top cap to slide and fill the flavor quickly and also helps to avoid any leakages from the body of the vape, making it safer for kids as the button helps as a child lock.

The package has two coils in the kit, i.e., the SMOK Nord Mesh 0.6Ω coil, which is excellent for passive vaping and the SMOK Nord Regular 0.8Ω coil offering great MTL (Mouth to lung vaping) experience. Its 1900 mAh battery makes the vape innovative is that the two air slots are placed correctly on the top part of the battery for the airflow, which prevents overheating. Its pentagon-shaped firing button is fixed with a Battery Indicator, which indicates different colored LED lights for battery percentage.

What does the package contain?

  • SMOK Nord 19 Device (2ml) X 1
  • SMOK Nord Mesh 0.6Ω coil (Max:25W) X 1
  • SMOK Nord Mesh-MTL 0.8Ω coil (Max:16W) X 1
  • USB Cable (For charging)
  • User Manual


  • The material used for the body is Stainless Steel
  • The size measures to 123.5*19mm
  • The vape lightweight weighing 81.8g
  • The battery capacity of the vape is 1300mAh
  • Vape has the standby current flow less than 20uA
  • The power ranges between 15-25W
  • Resistance ranges from 0.6Ω-1.4Ω
  • The vape has an input voltage of 3.3V-4.2V
  • The vape has an output voltage of 2.9V-3.8V
  • Supports the charging voltage of 5V
  • Has an e-liquid capacity of 2ml

Body and look

The cool and rugged built of SMOK Nord AIO 19 is available in Red, Gold, Black Plating, Blue, Grey, and in a beautiful vibrant seven colors mix. Perfectly stable, built, and comfortable to hold, this one is a perfect starter vape for people who love vaping as well as starters due to its easy-to-use and instant assemble kit along with its convenient pen-shape. Although all the colors are great but black and the vibrant 7 color mix is highly demanded in the market. The light and small body of the vapes makes an advantage as to create bigger clouds. 

Extraordinary Battery

The smart SMOK Nord AIO 19 comes with a 1300 mAh battery, which is very much efficient and also comes with a pass-through charging feature. The best part – you don’t have to wait for the device to get charged first because you can vape while the device is charging, which makes this an advantage of the vape. One full charge can last 24 hours. On the double press of the pentagon-shaped power button of the vape, the vape can be turned on/off.

Optimum Airflow System

This device contains evenly placed two holes on the top portion of the battery to provide pure air for the user. The integrated airflow system makes the vape smooth and smarter for the person to use. When it comes to vapes, the airflow system is what professional vapers look at. The combination of flavor and smoke depends on the airflow system of the vapes, and every brand must improve that, and SMOK tries to amaze people every time. Most vapers look for a manual adjustable airflow system, which makes this a disadvantage.

Easy Replaceable Coils

The kit includes two coils – Nord Mesh 0.6Ω Coil for best passive vaping that means DTL (direct to lung) with a fast heating process and the Nord Regular 0.8Ω for an excellent MTL vaping experience, which is suitable for people who love when the flavor hits the throat. There is a big difference as to why they gave the two coils. The MTL (Mouth to lung) is what professional vapers seek in a vape these days as compared to the 0.6Ω coil, which is suitable for having a good smoke. The easy coil replaceable feature attracts the people other than the vapes in which you had to screw out the coil to put the other one. The combination of the two choices of having a DTL and MTL experience makes an advantage of the vape. 

Unique Battery Indicator

As mentioned earlier, about its pentagon-shaped button for power on/off and also indicating how much battery it has. From the introduction of vapes, it was impossible to know the battery of the vape after use. But SMOK also fixed this problem in this one; as given on the manual, if the battery is more than 70 percent, it shows green light, orange if it’s between 30-70 percent and red if it’s less than 30 percent. There is a cut-off 8-second feature, which is not common in other vapes and is an advantage of the vape.

Easy Refilling

Refilling the Nord AIO 19 is too easy as there is a button on the upper lid to press, slide and refill the vape, which not only helps to refuel it quickly but also acts like a child lock. Most of the vapers are seen as lazy for changing the coil of the vape and seemed an impossible task for them, but this one turned it all. Just push a button, slide the lid, and the vape gets filled quickly. Its sliding lid also avoids any leakages from the vape, which is an advantage. The tank is made up of glass smartly protected by steel as an added feature to the vape.

2mL Tank 

The body of the vape has been correctly built, especially its glass tank covered with metal sides to protect the body of the vape as well. Although the 2ml tank seems too small to most of the new users, its flavor usage is very less, so the tank becomes very beneficial. The brand has always been very particular when it comes to making the tanks of the vapes because of its extra care for the glass with steel cover. Although the tank of the vape is made up of glass, the vapor has to get the full upper body replaced if the glass breaks, making this a disadvantage.

SMOK has become one of the leading brands in the vaping industry since its start in 2010. The NORD AIO 19 is one of the top-drawer selling vapes in the 2019 list due to its protective features and affordable price in the market. The brand always has put the best products in the market. Vapers always seek for new technology and innovation and the brand by bringing the DTL and MTL together in a vape experience has proved it. This one comes in another variant as the SMOK NORD AIO 22 having more battery life, more e-liquid capacity, targeted for pro vapers, thereby higher price. So if you are looking to purchase a vape between 20-30 dollars, then this is the product. Vapers should use the products which do not affect their health, and SMOK always focuses on that. 

Until that, keep vaping and be safe!!!!!!!

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