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You might be screwing your thoughts up whether you should buy a SMOK vape product, simply because you are not sure if releasing money for a SMOK item would ultimately be a hit or loss. It is tough to justify a product with its value before having a hand on it, isn’t it? You might be crawling over thousands of consumer reviews to assure yourself of the standard and worth of the product, but are you convinced enough to click on ‘BUY’ now?

We agree that releasing the hard-earned money is not very easy, especially in case of purchasing any item that you are very passionate about. A little mistake in your decision can well make you endure a frustrating phase. Not only could it be a waste of money, it could hamper your habit and lifestyle as well. Being a vaper, you might always expect that your vaping experience only gets better day by day. So, you may be afraid that purchasing a SMOK item may fall short of your expectations. We, at Smok deals, are here to brush away the dust over your doubts.


Unless you have been hibernating throughout the recent years, you, being a vaper, should be well aware of the rise of SMOK as a vape brand with its exclusive IVPS technology. Since 2010, SMOK has always been ardent to producing the best sub-ohm atomizer tanks, bypass voltage coils, vape mods, starter kits only to provide the vaping community a prospect of entering the new era. Yes, it took a bit more time for SMOK to graft the first seed in the hard ground already conquered by JUUL, Eleaf, KangerTech, etc. But after a surprising upsurge in their market share in 2016 with thousands of SMOK Alien 220W, which is composed of then latest TFV8 baby tank, being sold all over the world, SMOK turned a big mass of the vaping community towards themselves.


Since the first day SMOK sailed on as a global e-cigarette brand, they believe that ‘Innovation Keeps Changing the Vaping Experience’ and to date has always been testing the limits when it comes to user-friendly technologies, with many years still to come.

In 2010

SMOK was founded in Shenzhen, the heart of the vape industry, in China, with the name being Shenzhen IVPS Technology Corporation Limited. The same day they took the oath to carry the vaping community to the next level while focusing on the first-generation products.

In 2011

They introduced the revolutionary Dual Coil concept for cartomizer and tank in a vape device for the first time in the industry. This approach was a breakthrough for the next generation vape products as well as a new idea for the other vape brands to upgrade their products. SMOK gradually came to the headlines while also counting on the upsurge of its brand value.

In 2012

SMOK concentrated on upgrading its ongoing products as well as claiming some patents in their CV. Though it was not quite a year for SMOK that we could see many new products coming to the market, they developed the unique variable voltage e-cigarette – Vmax and installed an upgrade on it a few days later with naming it the Zmax. They also enhanced the flexibility of their adjustable telescopic mechanical mod and the mechanical ‘NATURAL’ mod to work with different batteries ranging from 18350s to 18650s to apprise them of their patents.

In 2013

SMOK had seen an enormous demand from the consumers after they pushed the envelope implementing the exclusive cotton less vaping technology to the cartomizer and the tanks. It was an innovative idea that came with the products like Pyrex Aro tanks and Tumbler tanks. Where Magneto came incorporated with then latest intelligent magnet switch AI program, the variable voltage eGo batteries whistled the inauguration of a new bypass voltage e-cig era.

In 2014

As the vaping world was gradually getting inclined to the variable-wattage vape devices to prioritize the vaper’s need, SMOKtech came up with elegant products like Silenus mod, the Rocket mod, and the Shuttle mod. In the same year, SMOK made a splash introducing the BEC-PRO – the first-ever product in the industry to come with the breakthrough idea of implementing Bluetooth on a vape device. It clearly indicated that SMOK was testing against the odds to serve the users the better world.

As a result, they started the ball rolling while launching the SMOK app for the user to share their vaping experience and reviews with the other people of the worldwide vaping community. This kind of creative social platform increased the number of vaping enthusiasts day by day and made life simpler for the vapers to come out of their concerns.

In 2015

2015 has seen SMOK make its first bold step to compete with its global contemporaries. They launched the TFV4 tank assembled with a triple mesh coil system and an innovative rotary cap. This was a belter of a move by the SMOK R&D people, which completely changed the perception and the expectations of the so-called sub-ohm tanks. Besides redefining the concept of a sub-ohm low resistance tanks TFV4 tank also acknowledged the break free cloud and flavor demand of the seasonal vapers. It certainly was a leading atomizer in the 2015-16 season while also becoming a hot vape item in Europe and the United States as well. They also developed their Bluetooth functionality in any vape mods by announcing the then-latest X-Cube mod series, which comes with a user regulated wattage system as well.

The same year saw Shenzhen IVPS Technology Co. Ltd. getting certified by Shenzhen Province Commission on Innovation and Technology as a national high-tech enterprise for considerable research and developments on its patents. It really was a golden year for SMOK.

In 2016

SMOK upgraded its TFV4 tank to the TFV8 tank – the cloud beast, which works on a high wattage device (80-250 watts), following the trend and acceptance of the TFV tanks. Was it a flop? No guys, it accelerated the development of the pattern a bit more and provided the prospect of the upcoming TFV12 tank indeed.

They came up with their product SMOK Alien kit incorporating a TFV8 baby tank, which was nothing less than a myth for the finance analysts as SMOK published that they had already sold over a million of the items in less than three months after its release. It evidently was SMOK’s flagship product of the year, which raised the bar of then ongoing sub-ohm vapes. Besides that, they also introduced the budget price H-Priv series, which embodies a reliable energy and ample aspects of utility and aesthetics.

Want to know more? Just keep reading.

In 2017

Finally, the long-awaited TFV12 atomizer came, which set the benchmark for the other leading cloud atomizer to compete with. SMOK hit the market running with their then latest inclusion TFV12 Cloud Beast King, which was one of the first sub-ohm tanks to include 12 coil head performance. It quickly climbed to the top of the cloud chasers’ choice. In the same year, they introduced a Spiral coil tank, which again indicated the new vaping era with a lot more emphasis on flavor profiles and taste storm.  They later continued to follow the 12-coil head system trend with G-Priv and T-Priv mods, which are advanced and modified models of H-Priv.

In 2018

Monitoring the demand of vape pods SMOK came up with three semi-closed vape pod line-up, namely Nord, INFINIX, and third one – FIT and ROLO Badge. Nord was adopted with the exclusive ceramic 1.4Ω mesh-coils, making it a high-class AIO pod device. All these products came with an intelligent LED indicator to show the battery charge percentage.

SMOK also introduced anti-counterfeiting technology in their products with specially designed holograms to fend off the manufacturers of fake products in the market. On Sep 28th, they won the Red Dot award for the best-designed vape devices as well.

In 2019

The SMOK Industrial Park was launched officially to ensure a new industry future line. On January 24th, SMOK was approved the world’s first UL8139 pod device certificate. They made the advancement of their anti-piracy system to deal with the fake product industry with heavy hands while also modifying their products according to the TPD regulations, initially implemented in Europe.

In 2020

We are in 2020 now, and SMOK has already splashed the industry with its latest 10-year anniversary (2010-2020) inclusion – the dazzling X Pozz. They have implemented RPM coils on it to provide the user with the best combination of MTL and DTL vaping style.

Yes, SMOK did well from their end. They earned tons of applause from the consumers while earning authorization from the committee like UL and Red Dot as well. But are you convinced why it is worth having some SMOK vapes? You might want to go through some authentic product reviews to get assured of whether it can produce a better world for you.


SMOK has always fed the consumers against their demands with their numerous elegant and versatile vape products to date. They always run over the odds and exceptionally find the unique way to enter the new era. Those certifications, as mentioned earlier, are the best evidence to stand by.

Let’s have an overview of the most popular vape items so far.


SMOK has come up with many high-performance coils over the past ten years with some flagship coil series being TFV4, TFV8 baby products, TFV8 big baby products, TFV12 prince coils, RPM coils, Nord coils, etc. But the one product that received a huge demand is the SMOK TFV8 – V8 Baby Q2 Coil.

They introduced the TFV8 series five years ago in 2016, and so far, it has been a constant performer to satisfy the user’s expectation. The TFV8 baby coil works typically as a sub-ohm while offering the highest resistance out of all coils that are associated with V8 baby beast tanks. Generally occupied with 0.4Ω or 0.6Ω resistance, V8 Baby Q2 coils are designed to generate the SMOK caliber flavor profile from any optimized wattage (40-55 W) vape device. It comes with re-designed dual air-slots under its body and an improvised Drip-tip to ensure that you get the most compelling draw effects. It provides the user with a ring at its base, which works as the airflow regulator. You can easily control your inhalation amount just by turning the ring. The most delightful part of a V8 Q2 coil is its use of quality peroxide-free organic cotton as the wick material to ensure there is no leaking of the e-juice into the coil.

With the RBA deck and the octuple (8) 0.15Ω coil head performance, the TFV8 Baby Q2 coil is nothing less than a top-notch Baby Beast just like its counterpart – the V8 Big Baby series.


  • SMOK TFV8 Baby Tank
  • SMOK TFV8 Big Baby Tank
  • SMOK TFV8 Big Baby Light Edition Tank
  • SMOK TFV12 Baby Prince Tank



It is very hard to ignore SMOK when it comes to vape hardware. SMOK has been undoubtedly one of the most authentic vape hardware manufacturers in the world over the years. And they have achieved this feat by consistently producing epic top-notch atomizer tanks while always paving the way for the next level ideas. In 2012 they started developing reservoirs, and finally, a notable success came after they released the TFV series initially with 4-coil head edition.

TFV8 Baby V2 tank is an upgraded 8 head version which comes under the V8 Baby tank series. SMOK denotes the ‘V’ as the indicator of a new, improved version, and it is carved on both the top and base of the tank. It runs on a dual coil system consisting of – Baby V2 A1 and Baby V2 A2. The unprecedented fast heating and flavor producing of the A1 tank and the simultaneous different airflow experiences from the cobra mesh covered dual air-slotted A2 tank make the whole process a Hyper engine module. This tank also runs on an exclusive A3 triple-airflow coil, which you can buy separately on our website. The Triple-coil system provides the vaper with a bulk amount of vapor at once.

This V2 tank uses Bulb Pyrex Glass Tube to contain 5 ml of e-juice. This ensures the vaper enjoys the real essence of the flavor with break-free vaping. Again, we emphasize on wick material as TFV8 Baby V2 Tank uses antibacterial medical cotton, which can be considered as the best replacement of its predecessor – the organic one. This tank also includes a gold plated 510-threading connector, which empowers the protective measures for rub reduction and electro-conductivity. You can feel the class of it after you connect it to a vape mod.

SMOK TFV8 Baby V2 Tank  components:

  • 1 x SMOK TFV8 Baby V2 Tank
  • 1 x SMOK V8 Baby V2 A1 0.17Ω Single Coil (Pre-Installed)
  • 1 x SMOK V8 Baby V2 A2 0.2Ω Dual Coil
  • 1 x SMOK TFV8 Baby V2 Tank Replacement Glass Tube
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Set of Spare Parts

Being one of the leaders in contributing to the patents, SMOK introduced their new discovery – the innovative locking design, in this V8 Baby V2 tank, which ensures leaking protection and avoids unwanted cap openings. So being available in parts, this tank asks every vaper to have a hand on it. With dazzling 7-color blend mesh textured body design and newly redefined Gasket, this steel-body Baby V2 tank is a belter of choice, and it is highly recommended from our end also.



Any vape atomizer tank of any mod works best if it can be attached with a fantastic drip tip on its top. A well-finished and furnished drip tip can make the mod look elegant while also taking technical measures like leak-resistance.

SMOK has produced many Drip Tip models so far with Delrin and Resin models being the most successful ones. SMOK is recognized as one of the best vape hardware industrialists in the world by the advanced as well as intermediate vapers, and that’s why they prefer to purchase SMOK Cobra V2 Resin Drip Tip to give their SMOK atomizer the ultimate finishing touch.

With seven unique snakeskin textures and distinguished Gasket adaptability, SMOK cobra drip trips are there to make your vape mod more user friendly. While these tips look like inconsequential things, being ultra-durable because of their Resin material, they still contribute great value towards the final customization of your vape tank. There is also a unique 7-color blend mesh design, which you can choose too.


  • SMOK TFV12
  • SMOK Cobra Tank


Now we have finally come to discuss one of the hottest vaporizer kits in the market – the SMOK Stick V8 Kit. You have probably heard of it earlier, isn’t it? It’s a pen-style kit that comes with the newest top-performing Starter kit design.

Stick V8 kit uses a long-lasting 3000 mAh battery, which can provide you hours of flavors. The battery is synchronized with an intelligent LED indicator which blinks clear prompts according to the battery percentage. SMOK never forgot to take safety measures, and in this kit, they have induced some automatic protections like 8-sec cut-off, impedance protection, low-voltage protection, and short circuit protection. This Starter kit comes with two large adjustable air-slots with a Delrin Drip tip system so that you can adjust the airflow according to your needs.

Coils contribute essential value to any vape kit to heat the e-juice quickly, which promotes excellent flavor effect while inhaling. SMOK has installed one 0.15Ω V8 Baby M2 dual coil setup in this V8 mod while also providing another 0.25Ω Baby M2 dual coil set in the kit to ensure the consumer of massive clouds.

While also offering 510 thread connectors for smooth and user-friendly use, the SMOK Stick V8 kit is one of the go-to choices for all the vapers. Considering its automatic safety protections, innovative battery life indicator, and hours of delight with a 5 ml e-liquid reservoir, we also appreciate its quality. And from our side, it could be one of the best budget deals in today’s market with its price going just at around $ 24- 34.

This variable voltage (3.4-4.2V) vape mod kit contains,

  • 1 x SMOK Stick V8 Battery (3000mAh)
  • 1 x SMOK TFV8 Big Baby Tank (24.5mm)
  • 1 x SMOK V8 Baby-M2 Core (0.15O dual coils) (Pre-installed)
  • 1 x SMOK V8 Baby-M2 Core (0.25O dual coils)
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Vape Band
  • 1 x Set of Spare Parts

Wait, we guess you are just getting why it is worth having a SMOK vape device in the hands. Isn’t it?



The answer is straightforward. It is ‘yes.’ Are we wrong about our perception? You may think that there are numerous established vape brands to consider, as you may already have tried products from ELeaf, JUUL, etc. so why should you count on SMOK. Let’s just recollect the things that we already know about SMOK.

You probably have seen or heard the hype surrounding SMOK products, especially the TFV tanks. Now having read the previous part of this content, you already have an idea of how SMOK digs the hard ground with their high-end tech and classic constructed products to stand high in the global competition.

Starting from 2013, SMOKtech routinely developed magnificent tanks and coils in the form of Pyrex Aro and Tumbler series while also improvising a brief idea of variable voltage customized vapes.  Wait, have you ever asked any of your vaper friends to suggest the best atomizer tank for bigger clouds? If not, then try it once. We can bet most of them would say any of the SMOK TFV8 tanks in their first words.

They served almost 80 million vape consumers in only about seven years. You can see it on their official website for further justification. This type of accomplishment is only possible when a brand offers truly a trust-worthy service. Believing in innovation, they pushed for further development of the TFV series producing the V8, V12, and most recently, the 16-coil head heating beast the V16 coils and atomizers.

SMOK introduced the industry’s first anti-piracy services while also ensuring environment-friendly precautions with the first-ever UL8139 certified vape pod device. The recent SMOK mods come up with a delightful OLED screen to make it easy for the vapers to monitor the status of the system. Gradually they included weather information, clock in the latest Nord 2 kit OLED AI monitor – arguably ‘better than the best>.’

They also got patents for their recent invention of Strip coils, which comes incorporated in the SMOK Vape pen 22 series. SMOK adopted Rebuildable Dripping Atomisers, i.e., RDAs, in their devices to provide the user with an opportunity to regulate the vapor production. The Guardian reported that young people love to produce more clouds instead of inhaling nicotine. At the same time, from the Truth initiative, we get that the percentage of young student vapers increased from 11% in 2017 to 27.5% in 2019. Considering the demand from every age, SMOK made many modifications in their vape gadgets only to them all. Their adjustable wattage coils like TFV8 Baby and Big Baby products, TVF12 Prince series items, etc. are significant shreds of evidence to that fact.

SMOK ran through a hard way of experimenting with the limits, and thus far, most of the time have got the win on it. With being awarded the best-designed vape product manufacturer out of 5640 competitors from over 55 countries by Red Dot, people came to know about its massive potential to carry the industry forward.


This could be an excellent parameter to justify the worth of a SMOK vape. If not the best, SMOK is one of the best and authentic brands in the market to manufacture exclusive vape hardware items with the latest innovative technology.

They sell over million dollars of products throughout a year, so it is evident that they are examining and taking safety measures against any potential risk from any item they manufacture. There is one relevant information about a death in Florida with a knock-off SMOK Vape pen allegedly being the center of the causes. That’s why SMOK took the initiative in 2018 to fend off the fake product manufacturer in the market.

Other than that, there has not been any concrete news regarding any severe problem of the vaping community. Although most of the products from SMOK are considered safe, we are not going to say that any sort of malfunction is impossible unless the user does some wrong with those. Anything is possible, especially for an electronic item like all the electronics like mobile, computer, heater, etc. It’s your risk and luck all that matters in this kind of situation.


Look, we are never going to lie that SMOK runs the cheapest items with the most advanced program setups. On average, it costs around $14-80 to buy any vaporizer kit in the market, and it is almost the same for SMOK also. While SMOK Mag Grip kit sells at the maximum retail price of $70, the advanced tech X-Priv kit sells at $80 maximum. You can see that the Stick V8 Baby kit is priced at $27-32 at our web portal, with almost 32% rebate applied on it. The new 10th-anniversary product X Pozz is priced at $31.

So, what does it mean? It clearly shows that SMOK products follow the same MRP trend that the other brands are putting as well, but the difference could be in the quality. Being an authentic SMOK dealer and online retailer, we can bet that with this kind of extraordinary performance, durability, and convenience, any SMOK item could be the best budget deal in the market in any particular category. And there are hardly any other brands that can provide the same class in that price range.


Most of the vapers are not keen to taste the same item days and days again. They always look for different vape products from different vape brands to sail on a new adventure while also trying to find a better fit for their buds. SMOK is an excellent option to work for that sake.

You may be asking yourself why we, at Smok deals, pick none other than only SMOK products in our inventory. We believe in the potential that SMOK and its R&D team have and the arduous effort they make to take this industry forward while also feeling that SMOK manufactures the best worth products to satisfy everyone’s needs and tastes. According to a TBRC report, the expected vape industry revenue is going to hit the $30 B mark by 2022, and we are confident that it’s you the consumers, who will make SMOK a colossal shareholder of that.

We, as of now, have been 100% devoted to selling the SMOK items while offering the customers a lesser price than any other SMOK e-commerce platform. We expect that you get the point of why you can easily trust any SMOK item, notably the bestseller and the popular ones. While SMOK is showing you the worth of its high-end modules, you can try your first purchase from Smok deals. Just sign up and customize your vaping life with SMOK.

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